Tur’Arok is a country of grasslands and minor hills. Few forests remain standing in Tur’Arok due to over-logging.

Tur’Arok is a tumultuous country whose leadership often changes drastically every few years. Expanding orcish warparties from beyond the mountain often sail into Tur’Arok in attempts to conquer the Vale.
Constant conquering and reconquering from both the orcs and more organized forces have resulted in an unstable atmosphere across the country. Neighboring countries mistrust Tur’Arok and often refuse to trade with its current ruler. Generally whoever can hold the capital of Gale-Sul is accepted to be Tur’Arok’s ruler by other countries.

Half orcs are extremely common in Tur’Arok.

Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Capital Gale-Sul
Ruler Currently Alainon Bayard
Government Anarchy



Major Cities

Gale-Sul – The Capital

People & Culture



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