Samor is a nation located on the western coast of the Mawre Vale, where it is famed for its fine wines, aged whiskeys, and its vibrant, well documented history. It fields the best navy of the region, where it is well tested against pirate fleets from the Eno-Zira Archipelago. Today it lives peaceably with its neighbors Landor and Iccot

Alignment Neutral Good
Capital Lindellin
Ruler King Geoff Atlight
Government Monarchy


Samor’s government is a symbolic monarchy of a royal family that stretches back over centuries, House Atlight. Much of the day to day running of the country is left to elected council members, and local officials are voted in by their citizens.

The general Samoran public holds the monarchy in high regard, and the monarchy and council have remained stable for many years. The current king is Geoff Atlight.

Samor has a small army, as it is bordered by two countries it considers close allies, but a sizable and well trained navy. The Samoran navy is constantly at odds with pirate factions that travel from the Eno-Zira Archipelago looking for trade ships to loot.


Samor is located on the western coast of the Mawre Vale, neighbored by Landor and Iccot to the east. To the north, separated by a mountain range, is Kirne, though little travel goes through the mountains.

The country is covered in rolling hills and wandering rivers, allowing for the many sprawling farmlands and pastures that cover the land. The western coast holds steep cliffs that make ship landings difficult, save for Samor’s few port cities.

Samor’s capital of Lindellin is one such port city, nestled between cliffs on the coast, and the gently rolling hills inland. The city is well populated, but stretched long across a large area. Statues and monuments to past heroes and events decorate the sprawling city, overlooking old vineyards and a mismatch of extravagant villas and tiny cottages.

People & Culture

Samoran culture is most well known for its strong love of ones ancestry and history. Samoran children are told over and over the respect their elders as they grow up in homes their family has lived in for generations. Statues and murals can be found in almost any Samoran village. Work days are short, festivals are frequent, and adventurers are well respected – after all, they might end up the next savior of the world, better get to know them now. It is a common place for well-to-do retired adventurers to settle down.

Any person designated as a national hero is allowed to live tax free in the country for the rest of their days. This decree has helped protect Samor from raiders, attackers and conspirators – for every ne’er-do-well that gets reported there will likely be half a dozen people hoping to become the next hero to get a statue carved in their likeness.


Despite it’s jovial culture, Samor has had a history of calamitous events. Of particular note is a barely averted demon invasion close to the capital. Some buildings still bear the marks of combat across their walls – and some remain rubble. A small group of skilled adventurers managed to slip behind the growing demon horde and close the portal.

Dubbed the ‘Heroes of the Samoran Crisis’, the four adventurers entered Samoran history as some of its most prestigious heroes, and had major effects on the country after the crisis. Of particular note is the founding of a church dedicated to the god Aldt. Despite rumors of the practice of necromancy, the church remains adamantly supported by many.


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