Landor is a temperate climate country with lush vibrant forests that borders the only land pass into or out of the Mawre Vale.

Landor has been ruled by the same royal family since founding many centuries ago. The country is well known for its architecture and historic buildings, as well as its bountiful farmlands and natural forests. Landor is historically a peaceful country that has not grown in territory since its founding, though it fights viciously to keep its own territory. It also holds the only land pass out of the Vale, which it guards to protect both itself and its neighboring countries.

Landor’s capital of Farah is located in the center of the large country, and is bordered by several large forests. It is a large city filled with vibrant gardens and greenery. The royal family and its attendants live in Farah. It is rumored that the queen is a powerful sorceress.

Alignment Neutral
Capital Farah
Ruler Queen Elysande
Government Monarchy



Major Cities

Farah – The capital located in the center of the country
Stonemere – The utilitarian fortress-city that is the headquarters for the northern wall guard.
Aldergold – A south-central city that is surrounded by farmlands and lightly populated farming communities.
Deepmarsh – A coastal trading port connected to the central sea of Eoshas. Many trade routes into Landor pass through here.
Byhurst – A western city that is the primary stop into Landror from Kirne.

People & Culture



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