Kirne is a country known for its military skill, located in the Mawre Vale. Despite the relative peacefulness of the vale, Kirne keeps an isolationist culture and avoids relying on its neighbors for trade. It produces high quality weapons and metalworks and aids Landor in defending the vale’s northern wall.

Alignment Lawful Neutral
Capital Avgard
Ruler Grand General Atham Stomas
Government Military Autocracy


Kirne is a country ruled by its military, with the Grand General Atham Stomas in charge. The military oversees almost every part of Kirnish society, and officials are chosen by their superiors. Laws are rigid and strict because of this, but cities are kept orderly and clean.

The Kirnish populace often have mixed feelings on the military – crime in Kirne is nearly nonexistent, and even small villages are safe from brigands, but life in major cities is heavily controlled. Travel in and out of the country often requires extensive permits, and even entry into between districts in cities have guards at every gate.

Grand General Stomas and the rest of the Kirnish government have long tried to minimize the country’s reliance on trading with other countries, but the rocky earth across their country means that they rely on trade with Landor for crops and food.


Kirne is located on the region’s western coast, nestled between the great northern mountain range that forms the vale, and a smaller mountain range that separates it from Samor in the south. With the difficulty of traveling through the mountains, its only true neighbor is Landor to the east.

Kirne’s capital of Avgard is located on a peninsula on the western coast, where its multiple tiered walls make it both a formidable fortress as well as the most developed city in the country.

Kirne has rocky, mineral rich soil and a temperate climate. Its landscapes are mostly flat, with occasional mountains that hold the country’s fine stone and metals.

Major Cities

Avgard – The capital, located on a coastal peninsula seems like a mix between a fortress and a metropolis.
Blackpond – The most eastern city, where most trade flows through. Its location near the border means it is somewhat less strict than most places in the country, despite the government’s insistence.
Merriden – Halfway between Blackpond and Avgard, this city does most of the farming that is possible in the country.
Esterdell – An isolated city to the north, surrounded by many quarries and hills.

People & Culture

Extra Notes

While most of the Kirnish population is human, dwarves are one of the few races that are widely accepted by the government. Their mastery over smithing and metalworking keeps Kirne at the top of weapon design and their military well equipped.

The ‘Kirnish Office of Strategy’ agents are known by the common folk as ‘Gray Hoods’, named fairly uncreatively for the gray hoods many wear to conceal their identities. Rumors surround the secretive organization, including that the Grand General actually works for their leader, that they are the same person, that anyone who sees a Gray Hood’s true face will die, and that they secretly plan the end of the world.


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