Iccot is a small country on the southern coast of the Mawre Vale. It is also borders the small inner sea of the Vale, that also borders Landor and Tur’Arok. It has many wetlands and few forests. The majority of the population are located in cities, and much of the surrounding land is fairly empty.

Iccot is ruled by a council of seven merchant lords, who are voted onto the council by its members. The contry is known world wide as one of the largest trade ports and merchant stops in the world. Many luxury commodities pass through Iccot’s capital.

Iccot’s capital is Leseem, a massive city that is built above a deep, wide river that connects the Vale’s inner sea to the outer sea. Massive columns keep it above the water, and bridges span the distance. It is separated into several wards. It houses the headquarters of many multinational merchant guilds and old banking establishments. It is rumored that dragons, both benevolent and malevolent, are drawn to Iccot for its wealth.

Alignment Neutral
Capital Leseem
Ruler Council of Merchant Lords
Government Council



Major Cities

Leseem – The Capital

Torrine – The city on the northwest part of the nation, and is one of the stops for land trade into Iccot. It lies on the coast of the Mawre Vale inner sea.

People & Culture



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