Theme and Summary of the World


Nailara is a low to mid fantasy setting – magic exists and everyone knows that it does, but few have access to it. The average commoner will likely live the same kind of life as someone in medieval times. A small town might have a low level adept, and the largest metropolis might even have a person capable of raising the dead. Enchanted objects are reserved for the wealthy and powerful, or for entire towns to pitch in and share. Adventurers are the exception, risking their life to recover these objects, or even make them themselves. They have short a life expectancy, but can amass incredible wealth.

For more on power level, wealth, and more theming, read Theme and Power Level

Character Creation

There are some custom races in Nailara, and some of the races are modified a bit. Make sure you check for your race on the Races page.

For advice on themes of various places so you can work out character backstory, check Location Summaries


I handle alignment differently than most, because I have some strong opinions on how alignment should be handled. For the short explanation: do not choose an alignment, the GM will determine it based on your actions. Any class that previously had an alignment requirement will simply require you to act accordingly – a cleric should be loyal to their god’s tenets, a paladin should be a good person, et cetera.

For reading more in depth on how I handle alignment, read Alignment.

Theme and Summary of the World

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