Note: If the worshippers field is empty, it means that worshippers of this god are far too varied to list, or too temporary to be of note.

Major Pantheon

Deity Name Portfolio Domains Worshipers
Avolus, “The Knowledge Seeker” Truth, Knowledge, Books Knowledge, Rune, Magic Mages, librarians, scholars
Azdell, God of the Sea Sea, Ships, Travel Water, Weather, Travel Sailors, fishermen, merchants
Death Death Death, Law (Inevitable) Necromancers, morticians, healers
Nuare, “The Life-Giver” Life, Birth, Creation Healing, Sun, Nature Healers, midwives
Peyer, Goddess of Chaos Entropy, Chaos, Anarchy Chaos, Liberation (Revolution), Trickery
Ameera and Junnos, “The Lovers” Love, Romance, Marriage Charm (Love), Law (Loyalty), Good (Friendship) Lovers, Couples
Vera, Goddess of Desire Lust, Desire Charm (Lust), Chaos (Revelry), Luck (Imagination) Prostitutes, Politicians
Deity Name Portfolio Domains Worshipers

Minor Pantheon

Deity Name Portfolio Domains Worshipers
Enta, “The Huntress” Hunters, Animals, Nature Animal, Air, Plant Hunters, trappers, farmers
Aldt, God of Balance Positive and Negative Energy Healing, Death, Law Necromancers, Samorans
Reana, Goddess of Burial Death, Burial, The Afterlife Death, Repose Morticians
Neelia, Goddess of Exploration Exploration, Travel, Cartography Knowledge, Travel, Good (Friendship) Explorers, Adventurers, Cartographers, Merchants
Yborh, “The Bloodied God” Revenge, Anger, Dedication Law (Judgement), Fire (Arson), War (Duels)
Baziel, “Mother of Monsters” Monsters, Deformations, Nightmares Darkness (Night), Madness (Nightmare), Protection Monstrous creatures, abominations, outcasts
Nazatari, “The Knight Demise” Guilt, Insanity Strength, Madness, Earth Fallen Knights, Mercenaries, Outcasts
The Great Beast Animals Animal, Scalykind
Deity Name Portfolio Domains Worshipers

Dwarven Pantheon

Deity Name Portfolio Domains Worshipers
Havlar, God of Protection Dwarves, Justice, Valor Protection, Good, Earth Dwarves (Major)
Wergrom, The Forge Master Smithing, Forges Fire, Earth (Metal), Community Dwarves (Minor)


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