The world of Nailara has a huge variety of races. Many keep to their own ancestral lands, but others can be found traveling across the world. Here are a selection of some of the races.

Want to play a different concept? Perhaps there is a race not listed that might fit.


★☆☆☆☆ – Very Common – Found nearly everywhere as settlers or travelers.
★★☆☆☆ – Common – Very common travelers, settlers often restricted to specific climates or terrain.
★★★☆☆ – Uncommon – Common travelers, but settlements where these are a majority are rare.
★★★★☆ – Rare – Restricted to specific regions, or an uncommon sight as travelers.
★★★★★ – Very Rare – Very restricted to specific regions, or a rare sight as travelers.

Core Races

The standard fantasy races we all know and love. Most are about what you expect from fantasy tropes.

Humans ★ – The most common race. You know what humans are. Feet, hands, they got em all.
Elves ★★ – Long lived, often haughty, forest dwellers.
Half-Elves ★ – What, humans like banging things.
Dwarves ★★ – Short, irritable expert craftsmen
Halflings ★★ – Jovial, caring short people.
Half-Orcs ★★★ – The byproduct of constant battling of orcish hordes.
Gnomes ★★★ – Curious inventors that live for new experiences.

Other Races

Tiefling ★★★★ – These humanoids whose bloodline has been tainted by demons are often met with fear and disgust.
Aasimar ★★★★★ – The opposite of tiefling, these races are imbued with celestial bloodline, but are extremely rare.
Kobold ★★ – Small reptilian humanoids distantly related to dragons, and a frequent enemy of other civilized races.
Lyss ★★★★ – The snake-like survivors of a powerful fallen empire.
Urtienko ★★★ – Avian humanoids with a knack for languages.
Tennari ★★★★ – Plant-like natives of the jungle continent of Ukari.
Lizardfolk ★★ – These durable shamanistic reptilians inhabit a wide variety of climates.
Scritti★★★★★ – An extremely rare race of constructs created by a legendary wizard.


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