Nailara is a planet that is slightly smaller than Earth, but has a similar ratio of water to landmasses. It orbits two small suns, and as a result the planet’s climates and biomes intersect and change in strange ways. Violent weather such as tornadoes and tsunamis are common in certain parts of the world, while others remain easily inhabitable constantly. Parts of the planet are difficult to navigate due to these weather phenomena, and the world has yet to be circumnavigated, as far as anyone is aware.

Nailara has no moons, but several other planets exist in the solar system, some of which are easily visible in the night sky. Eyonyael is a large gas giant occasionally visible, and Notorin is a small planet usually only visible with advanced tools.

Time Measurements

Because of the existence of two suns, a cycle of seasons may not align perfectly in a year. A simple 400 day calendar was created long ago, which most closely matches the long term cycle of the solar bodies. Dates are simply measured by the year, and how many days into the year it is (ex. 114th of 1032)


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